Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does it work?
  2. What is "hard water"?
  3. What is scale?
  4. What problems are caused by "hard water"?
  5. Does the nuvoH2O softener affect the taste or smell
    of my water?
  6. Will nuvoH2O work on wells?
  7. Will nuvoH2O help protect my tankless water heater?
  8. Will nuvoH2O work with septic systems?
  9. Will nuvoH2O remove the white scale spots in my dishwasher and on my shower doors?
  10. Does nuvoH2O change how my water feels?
  11. Can I measure how nuvoH2O is changing my water?
  12. How often do I need to replace the cartridge in nuvoH2O?
  13. Should I register my nuvoH2O water softening system?
  14. How do I become an authorized installer of nuvoH2O systems?